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LED Light Display Cabinet

We are a professional manufacturer of display cabinet , acrylic display, display rack, display stand etc.

We manufacture the LED display cabinet for L’oreal, Rimmel, Lancome, Maybelline etc.


Frame: Most of the LED display cabinets' frame are metal plate.

Craft: Sheet metal, acrylic fabrication, plastic injection.

Accessories & fixtures: 

Plastic pushers (Acrylic fabrication or injected),

LED lights strips ,

Plastric tray,

sign holder

LED driver

Electric plug

Acrylic panel, inserts or display unit.



The LED light can give the advertising board & logo of the display cabinet an terrific attractive , eye-catching effect. 


For example, in a cosmetic LED light display cabinet, all your your cosmetics, lipsticks, eyeliners, eye shadows,

lip glosses, eyelash brush, BB cream, blush, puff, foundation, nail polishes, mascara etc. could be organized and

nicely displayed in a display stand !

That will give a perfect presentation for your cosmtics in the Point of Sale.


Product Detail Description


LED Light display Cabinet




Steel, Acrylic






Sheet Metal Processing, Injection, Laser Cutting, Hotbending, Polishing, Splice, Assembly


1 cabinet/plastic bag/honeycomb carton/pallet


100pcs,we accept small quantity for trial order

Lead time

30 days

Payment term

T/T, L/C

Application Retail Shop, Chainstore, Supermarket


Use import high-quality acrylic material

Use advanced machine and equipment

Organize and display all the cosmetics together

Relatively lower price, and better quality

We can print your LOGO on products

OEM orders are welcome


Please provide the following if you require a custom display unit:

1. The quantity possibly of your initial order.

2. A complete set of technical drawings will be the best for our quotation, production or understanding your requirements. 

3. If you don't have the technical drawing, a concept (design) drawing of effect  (or even a sketch) with critical sizes and explanation will be workable.

4. The details of your products to be displayed in the display unit: Shape, size, weight, material, picture etc., because we need to design/test the display based on the details of the products, a full set of samples of your products would be required  to test the display unit before we present you a final sample.

5. If your display need to be put on shelves, please provide us details of the shelf:  Shape, size, hole location for fixture, material, picture etc.

6. For a comprehensive display stand a face-to-face meeting is very important, we advise our clients visit our factory and stay with us for several days to confirm all the details.


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