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       Ningbo WEDAC Point of Sale Display Co., Ltd. (WEDAC) ---BUREAU VERITAS (B.V) assessed display equipments manufacturer & supplier, is located in Ningbo, an important port city in China.

      WEDAC is specialized in development and manufacturing of shelf pusher display system, cosmetic display and other display equipment for the retailing sector, working with a variety of different material and process in this area including acrylic fabrication, metal work (CNC bending, Turrent punching, Laser cutting), plastic injection and wood work.....On the basis of quality first, we are able to offer our clients the best retail merchandising display solution at the most cost effective price. We have our own factory, which not only focus on acrylic item fabrication but also proceed the assembly, inspection and storage of the whole project included all kind different material. We also worked with a strong supplier chain of different material and process manufacturer for over 7 years in excellent relation. We completed a lot of this kind project for our oversea clients at the passed 7 years, and still continue to work hard for them every day now. Our main clients are from Australia, Japan, USA, and Europe.
   Doing business in a sustainable way !
     Our main products comprising: Supermarket shelf pusher display system, Shelf divider-push integrated system, Promotional pusher system, sample tray, KD Clear display box, KD gravity feeder for cans, 3D letters, name tags, POP / POS display system, cosmetic display, supermarket/Chain store display stand, display cabinet, display rack, retail acrylic display, LED display, supermarket DIY display units & Rolex Submariner Replica solutions, household cosmetic storage box, PETG display, PC containers, cosmetic organizer, cosmetic holders etc.
      Our own factory is one of the most professional acrylic item manufacturer in China. We own the professional equipment in acrylic item production area, such as Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Miller, Diamond polishing machine, High Speed Router, Vertical Spindle Router, Sliding Table Saw, Surface Planer, Flame Polisher, Cloth round polishing Machine, Heat Bending Equipment and Silk Printer and so on.
      WEDAC Organization Chart:
      Our advantages: 
1.      Our engineers in workshop have the excellent experience in acrylic fabrication for over 15 years, and own special skills and technology for all special need and requirements.
2.      Mr. Michael Wang, the founder of WEDAC, graduated from Ningbo University, major Mechanical Designing, is a designer & engineer with more than 10 years experience in this line.
3.      Our factory has complete equipments and machines for acrylic fabrication.
4.      We have a good supply chain, cooperate with us and supplying us various components or materials.
5.      We have been stable suppliers for many famous cosmetic brand and chain store brand, we are one of the most professional manufacturers in the production and design for shelf pusher display system, cosmetic display system and POS/POP display products. Especially for the shelf pusher display system, we are proud to say we already have been the leading company in this field comparing the other companies of China.
6.      High customer satisfaction degree, extremely low customer complaints.
7.      We have a strong design and development team, a strong engineering department and a strong quality control department.
8.     We have patent for our plastic fasteners in cosmetic organizers;
9.      We own the best performance spring for shelf pushersystem which consolidated us the real expert in shelf pusher and shelf management system for supermarkets and chain stores.  
10. We have special glue for acrylic material based on different season with perfect performance.
11. We have a regular strict quality control system.
12. We never compromise on product quality.
13. We respect every customer and every order, flexible, quick react. .
14. It is small but fast growing company.
15. We are direct manufacturer and can export and ship directly to our customers, help our customer save a lot of purchasing cost.
16. Our strong design and development team enable us to serve our customer with the best service and most professionalism;
17. Relying on our strong industrial design and development team, we devote a lot of time and investment in innovative product development, we have developed a lot of unique or custom product for our clients in the past, in the future, we will present to our clients more and more new design and new products.
18. WEDAC has past the Ethical Soucing Auditing and Technical Auditing of many famous company, such as L"oreal, Kaufland, Kmart etc.  
WEDAC has past the Ethical Soucing Auditing and Technical Auditing of many famous company, such as L"oreal, Kaufland, Kmart etc. , it will save you much time and costs if you deal with us. 
     Business philosophy of WEDAC: High Quality, Best service, Mutual Benefit
     WEDAC is devoted to supply quality products, professional development and best service.
 What We Can Offer ?
• Product Development
• Manufacturing & Q.C
• Sourcing & Supplying
• Assembling & Shipping
• From Design to Delivery
• Merchandising Solution Provider
• Products for Selection
• After Sales Service
• And More !
Our Customers:
    More product details:
    Shelf pushers display system:  this system can be widely applied on gondola shelving, any display stand or display rack. Auto feed, auto management of products display on shelves or stands, reducing a lot of laboring for restocking, and make the merchandising more organized and attractive, thus increase the sales obviously. 
   There're many models of the pusher display: shelf pusher with acrylic channels or racks, shelf pushers with plastic extrusion channel, shelf pushers with injection plastic channels or racks,ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE MICHAEL SCHUMACHER REPLICA metal shelf pushers.
   Usually shelf pushers are assembled on plastic/steel rack or tray, with different width of channels as per different product, but some shelf pushers can be simply mounted to the shelf, without channels or tray. Shelf pusher dividers could be fixed with plastic display racks, also can be flexible and easily adjusted to suit any package type.
Beer and Wine
Cold Vault
Kitty Litter
Spray Paint
Herbs and Spices
Health & Beauty
Hair Color
Automotive aftermarket
Canned Soups
Pet Supplies
Plastic Bottles (all sizes)
Glass Bottles
Cans (many types)
Tetra packs (shapes)
Boxes (sizes)
For details of each product, please contact us to exchange ideas.
Benefits of pusher system:
1. Continually fronts products making them visible and shoppable at all times.
2. Products on the shelf have less than 3 seconds for a potential customer to see it, having product visible and reachable at all times increases the spontaneous buy and increase overall sales (up to 40% according to testings.).
3. Ensures a consistently well organized presentation of products on any shelf, excellent presentation improves shoppability and impulse buy.
4. Continually fronted product drives sales
5. Labor savings – auto feed pusher system, flexibility of system reduces restocking time and improves stock rotation
6. Creates product billboarding, enhances category and brand awareness.
7. Maximizes the effectiveness of product packaging and provides better rotation for time sensitive products.
8. Reducing wasted space between each shelf, improve ROI of shop/retail store.
9. Reducing theft: Minimal shelf spacing prevents “sweeping” of products.
10. Reduce product shrink from spoilage.
11. Increase turns on merchandising.
12. Activation of top and bottom shelves.
13. Fits to any product categories.
14. Easier for shoppers to locate merchandise
15. Saves fronting time
16. Is highly appreciated and recommended by store manager
17.   ROI is typically under 3-12 months
18.   The shelf is fronted to the last unit, eliminating the “black hole” on the shelves.
19.   Pushers are made from durable plastic
20.   The variable-force springs, will last for many years on the shelf
21.   Installation is quick and easy (no tools required) .
22. Spring driven pusher system – different tension springs available to push full range of product.
22.   Lane adjustability will suit any sized package, easy to front a wide assortment of product shapes, sizes, and weights
23. Speed turnover of stock.
24. Planogram changes are easy and quick to implement
               Display stand made by combined material and parts: metal, acrylic, wood and electronic components, usually consists of metal or wooden frame/cabinet/headers, acrylic or PS plastic display rack & pushers, acrylic sign holders. Display stands would include also light box and led components etc.
               Acrylic display such as: Acrylic cosmetic display, Acrylic jewelry display, Acrylic cigarette & wine display rack, Acrylic mobile phone display, Acrylic book & magazine display, Acrylic shoes display, Acrylic glasses display, MP3/MP4 display rack , acrylic ornaments display, acrylic watch display, acrylic food display, acrylic display for toys, models, music instruments, apparatus, antiques, art & crafts, boutiques, camera, laptop etc.  
              Acrylic products such as: Acrylic home furniture, Acrylic office furniture, Acrylic award & souvenir, Acrylic photo frame, Acrylic hotel & canteen series, Acrylic stationery series, Acrylic boxes, Acrylic key chains, Acrylic handicraft, Acrylic calendar holder, Acrylic household series, Acrylic goldfish tank, acrylic business name card case, acrylic wine bottle shelf, acrylic tissue box, acrylic box, advertisement board, shoe holder, brochure display, wine rack, CD/DVD display holder, jewelry box, acrylic decoration, acrylic gifts, acrylic ornaments, acrylic lady’s bag, acrylic jewelry box, cosmetic organizer, acrylic ornaments box, acrylic festival items, acrylic ballot box, acrylic podium, acrylic donation box, acrylic suggestion box, acrylic casino items, acrylic parts & fittings etc.
              Roller shelving system The products “queue” are aligned on a roller shelf, which is put on the general shelf. The roller shelf is consisted by many rollers and slightly slant, therefore each of the products on the “roller shelf” is driven by gravity downward along the shelf, every time the front items is taken away, the next ones will go forward automatically driven by their own gravities. This system is specially suitable and mostly widely applied to drinks and beverages with bigger bottles.
              Metal display: sheet metal products, metal display stand/cabinets/box/cases/shelves, metal display parts, metal display frame etc.
              Plastic display: Supermarket data strip/label holder/shelf edger/price tag holder, shelf pusher, display rack
              Wooden display/cabinets/showcase

Gentle reminder:

Please provide the following if you require a custom display unit:

1. The quantity possibly of your initial order.

2. A complete set of technical drawings will be the best for our quotation, production or understanding your requirements. 

3. If you don't have the technical drawing, a concept (design) drawing of effect  (or even a sketch) with critical sizes and explanation will be workable.

4. The details of your products to be displayed in the display unit: Shape, size, weight, material, picture etc., because we need to design/test the display based on the details of the products, a full set of samples of your products would be recommended to be provided in order to test the display unit before we present you a final sample.

5. If your display need to be put on shelves, please provide us details of the shelf:  Shape, size, hole location for fixture, material, picture etc.

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